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Why is a cruise right for me?
See the World One Port at a Time
On a cruise, you get to to to multiple ports in a short period of time.  Each cruise stops at different destinations during it's voyage, many times in a different country each time.  You can see and experiance many different cultrues during a short period of time!
Fit it into Your Schedule
Cruises offer many different sailings, leaving on any day of the week.  You can go for a short 3 night cruise, or you can spend weeks exploring the world and what it has to offer.  With many differnet options to choose from, we will set up the right sailing for you!
First Class Entertainment and Dining
You can enjoy your time all day on the ship or on shore.  At the end of the day, you will be treated to first class service for dinner and Las Vegas style quality entertainment.  No matter your taste, your travel consultant can find you the right ship!
Fun, Fun, and oh yeah.....more Fun
On board the ship, you will find yourself having to plan which activity you can't miss today!  From the time you rise, enjoy your breakfast, and hit the deck you will be looking at the schedule of events for the day.  From pool games and parties, karaoke, live music, comedy shows, or just sit back in one of the many lounges and mingle with other guests!
Give us a call and we will find the right fit for you!


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